Cool Earth Partnership: Interview With The Founders

Cool Earth Partnership: Interview With The Founders 1

Amassuna and Cool Earth have formed a strategic partnershipdesigned to support Cool Earth, whose mission is to halt the destruction of the rainforest by aligning with indigenous communities. 

We sat with the founders, Sandra Stamerra and Giorgio Stamerra, to learn more about the partnership. 

What do you love most about Amassuna?

We love our dedication for bringing our customers natural products with excellent ingredients whilst protecting the locations and communities where the ingredients are sourced – the Amazon.  

Amassuna is dedicated to using bioactive nutrients, plant actives and essential oils to help improve everyone’s well-being.  The ingredients are ethically sourced, the products are never tested on animals and the company is ethical environmentally sustainable. We believe the natural way makes a difference and this is supported by the effectiveness of our product range. 

Why did you choose Cool Earth as a partner for Amassuna?

Cool Earth is a Non-Profit organisation that works alongside Rainforest communities to stop deforestation. They believe the rainforest can be saved. Their mission is to end the cycle of deforestation entrenching villages into further poverty. The majority of Amassuna’s products are made in Brazil and most of our ingredients come from Amazon, we know the importance of keeping Amazon safe to protect our planet. We are passionate with nature and the Amazon rainforest.  It is an honour to be partner with this great organization and to contribute to their mission to save the planet.

Cool Earth Partnership: Interview With The Founders 2
Photo Credit: The Green Journey

How does Amassuna plan to raise funds for Cool Earth?

We will donate to Cool Earth £0.25 for every product sold.

How do you see the relationship with Cool Earth two years from now?

We look forward to a long relationship with Cool Earth by bringing them into more of our marketing based initiatives in the future. With the growth of Amassuna we will be able to give more to Cool Earth and protect 

Cool Earth syncs perfectly with Amassuna’s heritage. From their support of the Brazilian and Peruvian rainforest preservation, to the celebration of location cultures in the region, they really are a perfect fit for us. 

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