The Best Cruelty-Free, Natural Hair Care Products

The Best Cruelty-Free, Natural Hair Care Products 1

New to natural hair care? Read on to discover everything you need to know about making the switch to our plant-based, 100% natural shampoos, conditioners, lotions and gels.

How can a vegan diet affect the health of your hair?



The number of people following a vegan diet is increasing year on year yet few vegans consider the impact following a vegan lifestyle could have on the health of their hair.



Healthy hair is reliant on a specific set of nutrients including; essential fatty acids, vitamins A, B, C, and D and the minerals Calcium, Zinc, Iron and Copper. Without an ample supply of these nutrients, the volume of blood supplied to the scalp can be compromised and this can result in the hair feeling greasy, dull and flat.



Those following a vegan diet can be at risk of missing out on some crucial dietary vitamins as well as Calcium, Iron and Omega-3 fatty acids. For this reason, it is important that vegans care for their hair using plant-based hair care that’s enriched with essential oils known to strengthen hair follicles and encourage healthy hair growth.



The Best Cruelty-Free, Natural Hair Care Products 2


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What makes Amassuna’s natural hair care so good for the hair?



Every product in the Amassuna hair care range is approved as natural and cruelty-free. This verifies that our hair care does not contain any animal derivatives and affirms that our products are 100% cruelty-free. But what makes our natural shampoos, conditioners, lotions and so effective at keeping hair healthy?



  • They are entirely free from silicones, parabens and harsh synthetic detergents like SLS, skin-irritating ingredients which can denature hair proteins
  • Our ultra-gentle, pH-balanced formulas preserve weak and brittle hair’s delicate acid coating
  • Each product is made with natural, plant-based humectants so that hair is less vulnerable to dryness and split ends
  • Our hair care is enriched with essential oils which help stabilise sebum production and encourage the growth of healthy, shiny hair



What does each of the Amassuna hair care products do for the hair?



Not sure what the shampoo, conditioner, lotion and gel do? An easy way to find your ideal hair product is to check the ingredients description then see what purpose each hair care product does.


The combination of Jaborandi plant extract, Rosemary plant extract and Red Algae Seaweed plant extract get to work by starting from the scalp to slow hair loss and promote hair strength, whilst leaving hair deeply nourished from first use. Jaborandi is well known for increasing growth of the hair while adding nutrition to the hair follicle to strengthen hair cuticles. Rosemary slows down the loss of melanin, boosts scalp renewal and maintains a healthy balance of natural oils in the hair. Red Algae Seaweed has osmo-hydro-regulating agents that act as a film to protect hair, improve scalp vitality and reduce free radical damage.



Best Natural Shampoo


The Renove shampoo nourishes hair to tackle thin and lacklustre hair. For the optimal outcome make sure the hair is wet hair then apply a liberal amount into the palms of hands and massage into scalp.


shampoo for thinning hair

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Best Natural Conditioner



A nourishing conditioner that restores elasticity, shine and bounce without adding weight – it is designed to target weak and damaged cuticles. Spread the product onto the palms of the hands. Apply on clean damp hair then gently massage and leave on for a couple of minutes.



The Best Cruelty-Free, Natural Hair Care Products 3



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Best Natural Hair Lotion


A spray that will give life to fine or thinning tresses – simply spray generously on the affected area on the scalp. Spray the hair lotion directly onto the scalp and massage onto the affected area. For best results use once a day in the evening to allow the solution to gently sink into the scalp overnight.



The Best Cruelty-Free, Natural Hair Care Products 4


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Best Natural Hair Gel



A long-lasting styling gel rich in phyto-active and antioxidants to slow down hair loss and stimulate hair growth Apply liberally to wet or dry hair then work through the hair then style as usual.



The Best Cruelty-Free, Natural Hair Care Products 5



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