Why You Should Use Natural Beauty Products

Why You Should Use Natural Beauty Products 1

On average, women put synthetic 168 chemicals on their body every day, according to a study by the Environmental Working Group. Here’s why products with natural ingredients are more advantageous for our skin, body, well-being, and the environment, compared to their hair care chemical counterparts.





The chemicals that go into beauty products are not regulated by the FDA. Meaning customers will not know if the product is safe to use for the short-term and the long-term. Many of these chemicals are probably safe however this is not for certain as they haven’t been subject to a review by a third party. Using products with natural ingredients provides a peace of mind that simply can’t be obtained through unregulated products that use chemicals.




The right natural ingredients can clear up breakouts, protect from sun damage, soothe irritations, and more. For example, Spirulina, also known as cyanobacteria contains anti-inflammatory properties and can help slow down the effects of ageing as well as detoxify and tone skin.



Why You Should Use Natural Beauty Products 2



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Synthetic Fragrances


Added fragrances are often used to cover up the chemical smells, so the result is a chemical on top of a chemical. And since companies are not required by the FDA to disclose the ingredients in their fragrances, some added fragrances use toxic chemicals that can be dangerous to the wearer.




Conventional beauty products require ingredients that require extensive mining – like petroleum, aluminium, and lead. This effect the environment as the mining add toxic waste to the waterways and erodes inhabited land such as the Amazon Rainforest.



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While our skin acts as a protective barrier to keep out dangerous compounds, approximately 60% of what’s applied to skin can be directly absorbed. Industry research has understood that our immune systems, moods, nervous systems and reproductive systems can be affected by commercial body care and beauty products.



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Avoid These Chemicals


The term natural is completely unregulated, and can actually mean that only one ingredient in a product is natural. It’s important to make sure these ingredients are not in a product deemed natural:


  • Sulfates
  • Parabens
  • BHA
  • Petrochemicals
  • DEA, MEA, and TEA
  • Propylene glycol and polyethene glycol
  • Triclosan
  • Synthetic dyes
  • Talc


Final word: Until the FDA begins to more carefully regulate the ingredients that go into beauty products, it’s up to the consumer to make the best choices with the information available. The fewer chemicals applied, the better health, appearance, and peace of mind will be enjoyed.

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