The Best Natural Body Care Products 2019 1

Self-care is essential to living a longer and healthier life! Same goes for caring for your skin, especially when we are living in times where environmental pollution is causing hazards to our health overall. Ladies! If you will not feed spicy food to a sensitive stomach, why expose your skin to products which can potentially harm your skin in the long run?

It is about time that you embraced the usage of organic skin care products especially if you have sensitive skin. Organic products are brilliant if you are aiming for natural body care! Here we have outlined a list of the 4 best and most affordable organic products you should definitely try out in 2019.

Let’s move ahead!



Avalon Organics Nourishing Lavender Bath & Shower Gel

Priced at: £39.78


Browsing for natural body care online? Start by choosing an organic Bath & Shower Gel. Treating your skin does not mean only caring for your facial portion of the body, but the whole body overall.

Regular soaps can cause the body to become dry and scaly in the long run. Avalon Organics Nourishing Lavender Bath & Shower Gel is made from Lavender essential oils, Aloe-Vera and wheat protein so that your body does not lose its natural moisture. The shower gel also includes non-drying gentle botanical cleaners which help in the purification of the skin, while maintaining its natural moisture.

The product also helps to restore dry skin and can be used on extremely dry skins for replenishing the moisture levels. The soothing smell of Lavender makes you feel refreshed and gives you a refreshing whiff that fills the room indeed!



Amassuna Loofa Bath Sponge

Priced at: £5.00


natural loofah

Exfoliating your body overall and cleansing it of all the hidden impurities, while not harming it with harsh materials is highly important. Your body deserves to be cleansed in the softest manner possible, which is not possible from regular bath sponges.

Amassuna Loofa Bath Sponge is a vegetable made sponge from 100% raw loofah, ideal for delicate skin and exfoliation. The bath sponge is excellent for creating extra lather and for increasing blood circulation in your body overall.



Green People Organic Lifestyle Scent Free Hand & Body Lotion

Priced at: £20.00


A lot of people tend to mix moisturising with getting your hands greasy, of course not! You need to nourish your skin with the adequate level of moisture it deserves.

This natural hand and body lotion by Green People Organic Lifestyle is perfect for sensitive skin which is absorbed easily into the skin and does not give it a greasy look or feel either.

The product is made of 91% certified organic ingredients including Evening Primrose, Oliva and Shea Butter and Organic Perilla.

Ladies suffering from eczema and psoriasis can benefit greatly from making use of this scent-free lotion.



Babo Botanicals Super Shield SPF 50 Natural Sport Stick Fragrance-Free Sunscreen, 0.6 Ounce

Priced at: £13.99