How to Naturally Cheat Your Way to Looking Less Tired

natural ways to look less tired

You deserve to know all of the natural ways to look less tired. Whether you’ve been partying until dawn, up half the night with the kids, or just struggling to drop off at night, a lack of sleep can really take its toll. Most of us feel rattier when we’re tired, and frequent ‘gosh, you look exhausted’ comments really don’t help. Whilst nothing beats a good night’s sleep, if that’s just not possible and you need to cheat your way to a fresher face, these tricks can really help…

It’s all in the preparation

If you know you’re not going to get enough sleep, there are a few steps you can take before bed to help the next morning:

  1. Cut out caffeine in the evening
  1. Keep your phone and tablet out of the bedroom to reduce blue light exposure
  1. Sleep and wake up at consistent times

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Puff be gone

If you’re feeling tired, eyes are a real tattle-tale. Try placing slices of cucumber over your eyes for a few minutes, to soothe that sore, gritty feeling and de-puff bags. If you don’t have any cucumber to hand, cold tea bags can also do the trick, although they don’t feel quite as pleasant! An even better option is Luminous Extra Firming Eye Serum, which is a lightweight and super-active eye serum rich in youth-boosting nutrients, omega fats and antioxidants, to help rebuild cell health and efficiency for perfect skin. Plant bio-actives visibly brighten dark circles, smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increase radiance, reduce puffiness and protect DNA. The skin around your eyes is really delicate, so pat the gel on gently using your ring finger, as it’s your weakest.

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Fake it

A fake tan can help you to appear healthier and brighter, but only if it looks natural. True Natural offer a wide range of natural self-tans, including sprays, lotions and oils. Just choose the one that’s best for you. They all use innovative ingredients, such as sugar-derived dihydroxyacetone, along with skin-loving moisturisers such as rosehip oil, to give you a healthy, even, natural-looking tan.

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Enjoy some fresh air

As the saying goes, fresh air can really blow the cobwebs away. Ideally, head to a green space for a brisk walk, but if you don’t have the time, try to at least get off your bus a couple of stops early in the morning, work near an open window, and eat your lunch outside.

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