Natural Medicine Ingredients You Need To Know

Natural Medicine Ingredients You Need To Know 1

Today, we discuss natural medicine ingredients in depth as ‘we’ on a global scale have become aware of the advantages that natural ingredients impose on our physical and psychological health. As science becomes more of a focal point when discussing beauty products, the expanding scientific field of nutrigenomics, which studies how food influences gene expressions, has jumped in the limelight more than ever before. To point it out bluntly, people want to know what they are putting on their body and what those benefits or disadvantages look like. We have created this blog post with you in mind to shed clarity on some of these super ingredients are and what kinds of effects they have.





Ginger has a very long history of being used as traditional and alternative medicine to help digestion, reduce nausea or help fight colds and influenza. You can find it in numerous forms like fresh, dried, pickled, preserved and powdered. The main bio-active compound responsible for its medicinal properties is gingerol, one of the natural oils contained in this root.



Natural Medicine Ingredients You Need To Know 2



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The most common and well-known use of ginger is its ability to alleviate symptoms of nausea and vomiting thanks to its carminative (it can break up and expel intestinal gas) and anti-spasmodic properties.



But the main property of gingerol is anti-inflammatory, which, just as with turmeric, can be effective in managing and lessening arthritic pain and reducing pain medication usage. Gingerol extracts were reported to exhibit analgesic and potent anti-inflammatory effects and ginger oil administered orally can cause a significant reduction of joint swelling. A combination of ginger, mastic, cinnamon and sesame oil, can reduce pain and stiffness in osteoarthritis patients when applied topically.





Jaborandi is plant active with its native roots embedded in Brazil. We have included it in our list of natural medicine ingredients as this plant is popular for its ability to remedy the hair as it contains pilocarpine, which stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss.



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It has built a formidable reputation as one of the best natural hair remedies for hair loss. This plant active has produced excellent results in people suffering from hair loss for a wide range of reasons. Due to its chemical composition, it increases the rate of growth of hair growth and makes hair stronger as the actives act as nutrients for hair roots. As we were so shook by the wonders of jaborandi for hair loss we decided to create the Renove product range.





Ginseng has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine as it’s thought to be a general tonic for the promotion of vitality, health and longevity. The main active ingredients responsible for its medicinal actions are called ginsenosides, which seem to have anti-inflammatory effects by targeting pathways in the immune system that could reduce inflammation.



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Ginseng is commonly known to be stimulating for the nervous system and improve focus and concentration, but the high antioxidant compounds content may also reduce accumulation of plaque and free radicals in the brain, which could lower the risk of developing cognitive disorders.



So, now you understand the benefits of these natural medicine ingredients make sure you consider bringing them into your daily routine whether this is through diet, skincare or haircare.


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