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Ethical living isn’t just for summer. We’ve got everything you need for the colder months ahead, from new ethical fashion brands to sustainable homewares, through to cruelty free skincare.



The question is it for a Christmas present or for you?



Whether you’re looking for a new bracelet or a candle, one of our favourite things is introducing to new, sustainable brands so that you can rock life and help the planet at the same time.




During the winter months, extreme cold weather causes the skin to dry out. When you do start moisturising get to know the chemicals that are being used, as there are some chemicals that will do the opposite of moisturise – that’s it, they will dry out your skin. When you do choose a moisturiser a great idea is to choose one that protects you from the harmful UV rays with free-radical fighting anti-oxidants, such as the Luminous Natural Age Defence – Super Firming Face Cream by Amassuna.An everyday vitamin-rich day cream that combats the ageing process on all fronts. Skin elasticity is improved, fine lines reduced and hydration increased, while targeted actives reduce pigmentation and fade discolouration to even skin tone and brighten. The powerful nutrients nourish and enhance skin condition supported by free-radical fighting anti-oxidants.



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In this me, me, me age, it’s hard sometimes to actually find some me-time. Ethical jewellery brand, Mosami, has this gorgeous Happy Days Mantra silver bracelet which helps you focus on the positive and quietly reminds you to be thankful for the good things in life. Seven different pebbles are made of brushed and smooth silver, assign each one something you’re grateful for and ponder on each one when you need a moment of calm.


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Why does tea taste so much better when you know it’s good for the planet? One of our new favourites is Joe’s Tea Co – and if it’s good enough for Claridges, then it’s good enough for us. Organic blends mix with London style and plenty of social impact around projects in Sri Lanka. We love their Proper Peppermint for an afternoon brew.



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Minimalism gets ever easier to embrace, especially when key components of home living get redesigned like this. Plumencreate super sustainable, low energy light bulbs that are pieces of art in their own right. The Plumen 001 is a high performing, dimmable LED that will last for 20,000 hours. You can also buy a bronze pendant set for maximum style.



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