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As we become much more ethically conscious, there has been an explosion of ethical skincare products into the market. Given the fact there are already thousands of skincare options available that claim they are ethical too it has become mind boggling effort to separate the good from the bad. In this blog, we discuss what you should be looking for and products we recommend for your next purchase.  

What to buy

Is it organic? This is a fail-safe way to avoid most of the nasty, artificial chemicals that are in so many products. And thereby also help to protect the environment.

Is it cruelty-free? 80% of the world still permits animal testing for cosmetics, although it is banned in the U.K. The cruelty-free logo guarantees that the company is not animal testing anywhere in the world.

Is it vegan? Many skincare brands use animal products such as honey. Look for a vegan brand. 

What not to buy 

Does it contain palm oil? At its most unsustainable, palm oil is linked to mass deforestation and serious violations of human rights. Look for brands that commit to sourcing palm oil sustainably.

Does it contain toxics? The long and complex ingredients lists for skincare products often include toxic chemicals. These are bad for the environment as well as health.

Does the manufacturer use microbeads? Although these tiny pieces of plastics are now banned in the UK, lots of cosmetics companies use them in products elsewhere in the world. They are disastrous for marine-life.

Best Buys

Nadur smooth shaving serum: £25, ByNadur

Foams usually involve sulphates, which can leave skin blotchy and irritated, but this fully natural oil is non-alcohol based, making it great for use on all skin types pre, during and post-shave. It’s rich in anti-inflammatory antioxidants that help prevent razor burn, improve skin elasticity and heal scars. Warm three drops in your hands and apply to moist skin, massaging in gently to create a milky texture that helps the razor glide across skin. It has a subtle pomegranate scent and rinses off easily.

How To Choose Ethical Skincare Products 2

Lani tropical body oil, 100ml: £15.99, Lani

Skin and haircare brand Lani – meaning “heavenly” in Hawaiian – is enjoying cult status among the vegan community, thanks in part to its colourful, sustainable packaging. This glass bottle is filled with a blend of tropical and superfood oils brimming with collagen, vitamins and antioxidants. Coconut oil moisturises, baobab oil improves skin elasticity and exotic Madagascan ylang ylang destresses. Either slather it all over after showering or apply it to dry areas for that post-beach glow. It smells like a summer holiday and absorbs quickly without leaving any sticky residue. 

How To Choose Ethical Skincare Products 3

Luminous face cream, 50ml: £35.50, Amassuna

A natural anti-ageing face cream specially formulated for those seeking to reduce the signs of ageing whilst brightening the skin. It is suited to all sensitive skin types, including combination, normal-dry and mature. This everyday vitamin-rich day cream that combats the ageing process on all fronts. Skin elasticity is improved, fine lines reduced and hydration increased, while targeted actives reduce pigmentation and fade discolouration to even skin tone and brighten. The powerful nutrients nourish and enhance skin condition supported by free-radical fighting anti-oxidants.

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