Look after your skin indoors

How can I look after my skin indoors?

Being indoors for most of the day can be hell for your skin. It needs oxygen and the lack of fresh air can make your skin dull, sallow and blotchy, refresh your skin indoors with our step by step approach.

Be Kind To Your Skin Indoors 1

Keeping a good skin care routine for your entire body is now more important than ever! Amassuna has everything you need to look after your body’s skin with our beautiful range of ingredients from Orange and Cupuacu Body Butter to Patchouli and Rose Body Lotion. 

For a body routine that will make your skin glow.

  1. Lather up with your favorite gentle body wash using our Loofah Bath Sponge.
  2. Two times a week exfoliate your skin by applying a sugar scrub with our Body Pad.
        Body Buff Pad
  3. After shaving, hydrate your skin with the Divine Natural Skin Repair Intense Moisture Body Lotion or our Luminous Extra Firming Body Butter.
    Body Butter Moisturising
  4. Then use your self tanner to get your tan back indoors on smooth, shiny, hydrated skin.

    Follow these steps and your skin will stay fresh and hydrated. Glowgetters unite! 

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