Help your skin to glow.

How can I improve my skin routine at home?

Being at home is no excuse to let your glow go. Put this time to good use by practicing and improving your facial skin care routine. 

Help your skin to glow.


Amassuna has a range of facial skincare products that you can use to get your glow back at home. Even if you don’t want to wear makeup you can still look good for Zoom video catch-ups!


For soft, glowing skin on your face.

  1. Wash your face with the Divine Natural Skin Repair - Liquid Facial Soap with our Facial Cleansing Pad and gently pat with a soft towel.
  2. Apply your usual toner with a cotton pad to help restore your skin’s PH and help tighten the pores.
  3. Add a tiny amount of the Luminous Natural Super Lifting Eye Cream on your ring finger and gently apply under your eyes.
    Applying Face Cream
  4. Squeeze a pea sized amount of the Luminous Natural Super Firming Face Cream on the back of your hand and use one of our Biodegradable Cotton Buds to dab the cream onto your face, focusing on the cheeks and forehead, blending the cream in with your fingers.
    Face Cream Application

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