Why We’ve Partnered with Cool Earth

Ever since our inception, Amassuna has been on a mission to conserve and protect the Amazon rainforest and Indigenous tribes.
At Amassuna we tried to understand, how we can drive our mission? What’s going to make a real difference, what’s our next step?
Let’s say it like it is. Encouraging people to enjoy the naturally sourced products goes hand in hand with protecting the Amazon rainforest and their communities – this is the lifeblood for our brand. Therefore, sustainability is an important focus for us.
For this reason, we have teamed up with leading climate change charity Cool Earth. Cool Earth is paving the future of rainforest protection, where everyone can make a difference to climate change. Saving the rainforest is by no means a new idea, managing to affect actual change is.
Other brands that have partnered with Cool Earth include but are not limited to Vivienne Westwood, Burberry, and Sushisamba.

How will Amassuna help?

Donations enable Cool Earth to protect highly endangered rainforest – saving trees that would ultimately end up lost to loggers. These trees hold a lot of Carbon Dioxide and when this gas is released it poses a very harmful threat to the harmony of our atmosphere – too much of this gas causes global warming. Additionally, the trees serve as a home to communities who live around the rainforest, so taking these trees down destroys their homes.
By working with Cool Earth, sustainable incomes are created from new forests planted outside of the Amazon rainforest. From sustainable Cacao growing in Peru to coconut oil production in Papau New Guinea and establishing incomes that work with the forest, not against it, is helping to ensure that trees are kept standing.
Cool Earth has a very simple and highly cost-effective model. It costs approximately £60 to protect one acre of rainforest and £0.25 per tree.

Help us, to help Cool Earth. Every single product found in our range will donate £0.25 to Cool Earth – that’s 1 tree saved per product purchase.

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