Our Philosophy 1


First and foremost, we have designed products to be effective.

We want to make your life easier by honestly looking after your beauty regime.

To work in harmony with Mother Nature and tend to your problem areas into looking the best they can.

It is our prerogative to calm your spirit within and elevate the natural beauty of your skin and hair, so you are glowing from the inside out.

Amassuna is dedicated to using bioactive nutrients, plant actives and essential oils to improve the health and of your skin and hair while relaxing and re-energising your mind.




Clary Sage, Geranium, Fennel, Mint, Orange, Grapefruit, Lemongrass,  Lemon, Benzoin, Coffee, Rosehip, Olive, Wheat, Jojoba, Brazil Nut, Palmiste, Carrot, and Cupuacu butter, Vitamin E, Buriti, Lavender, Rosewood, Palmarosa, Pracaxi, Primrose, Babassu, Petitgrain, Vitamin A, Patchouli, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B1


We believe natural makes a difference. To us, it means that the quality of our ingredients is second to none, and that has a positive effect on the effectiveness of the products. Perfect for individuals who want results from naturally infused products.

No contaminants, no pesticides, and no rubbish.

We recognise awareness and interest in natural remedies, skin and body care, as well as environmental care are on the increase. Amassuna is part of that change.

Our Philosophy 2


At Amassuna, we look carefully at where our ingredients are coming from. While most of our ingredients are not sourced in the U.K., we have a close relationship with Brazilian natural cosmetics specialists who research and select ethically sourced ingredients.

It is our prerogative to bring products to you that are good for you and the planet.

We don’t test on animals. 

Ever. To double-check, the products are safe to use; we went the extra mile and tested them on ourselves.






Taken from “Tupi-guarani”, a South American indigenous language, Amassuna was a name given to the warrior Indigenous woman who fought against the enemy to protect their family and their land. Their courage and bravery compared to “The Sound of the Water” translated as “Amazonian River”. 

We had the idea of creating a product made of natural plants.

With the help of natural cosmetics specialists, Amassuna was born.

Alongside its rich culture, Brazil offers some of the most powerful ingredients the world has to offer. Traditionally, the country has seen as an incredibly rich source of learning, but today it is an inspiring beauty market in its own right. We have captured the spirit of Brazil in products that offer a convenient and guilt-free experience into every person’s daily routine.

Our Philosophy 3